Zefo is an eCommerce platform for buying and selling Used Goods. Zefo takes the pain of verifying and inspecting every piece of furniture & appliance (refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, microwaves) sold, ensuring a minimum quality standard, as well as managing all logistical headaches that would come your way.
We are currently only catering to second-hand furniture & appliances. Buyers can browse our extensive selection of quality second-hand furniture & appliances, and buy with a single click. Sellers can enjoy a hassle-free selling experience, as well as get a fair price for their used furniture & appliances without the need for any haggling.

Zefo is derived from Zero Effort, and that is our promise to both buyers and sellers of second-hand furniture & appliances.

Zefo is currently available in Bangalore, Mumbai, the NCR area and Mysore. We will be coming to other cities soon!

Zefo makes the buying and selling process for used furniture & appliances seamless and easy. The alternative channels either get you a terrible price, or require a lot of physical effort and in-person interactions to actually make a transaction. Zefo takes away all that pain for you and makes the process of buying / selling used furniture & appliances a breeze, while still giving you a great deal.

Apart from selling your furniture & appliance to Zefo, you have the option of consigning your furniture & appliance as well. When you consign with Zefo, you transfer your furniture or appliance into our custody and we store and sell them while you remain the owner. When you submit your furniture or appliance to our site, you agree to our consignment agreement. When your furniture or appliance sells, we send you a payment for the full amount, minus our commission.

Simply visit www.gozefo.com through the web or on your mobile phone to browse our selection of great used furniture & appliances for sale. Our second-hand furniture & appliances are thoroughly inspected, tested and listed by our own in-house experts, and we provide all the information you will need to make your purchase decision.
As soon as you like an item, you can purchase it with the click of a button. We will then schedule a delivery as well as install the chosen second-hand furniture or appliance at a time of your choosing. Zero Effort!

One of the biggest unknowns while buying a used furniture or appliance is in trusting the listing made on the platform. To solve this problem, we physically inspect and test EVERY SINGLE piece of used furniture or appliance on our platform. We pass each item through a rigorous checklist and ensure that every aspect of the furniture or appliance (including defects) is well catalogued and photographed. The Zefo Assessment details out the item’s condition, as well as any issues it may have. We strive to make used goods purchasing as transparent and painless as possible.
Our promise to you is that what you see on our platform is what you get at home.

Our experts verify and inspect all our second-hand furniture & appliance at our own warehouse. Each piece of furniture and appliance is dusted, cleaned (with organic disinfectants) and made to look and feel as new as possible to give you the best buying experience possible.

We accept all common modes of payment including Cash on Delivery, Card on Delivery, Credit / Debit cards, as well as an EMI option.

Give us a call and we will try to schedule a visit to our warehouse to see that piece in person. However, if you are interested in a specific piece of furniture or appliance, we strongly recommend purchasing it as soon as possible. If it does not meet your expectations at the time of delivery, you can reject it on-the-spot at the time of the scheduled delivery and we will refund you your purchase amount.

The Zefo marketplace houses used furniture & appliance that meet a certain minimum quality standard. These items come in a variety of conditions and we ensure that only second-hand furniture & appliances which are fully functional and meet a minimum aesthetic bar are present on the platform. We curate high quality second-hand goods from the market and ensure you have an equally high quality shopping experience.

Used goods comes in a variety of conditions and we make all efforts to be as transparent about the item’s condition as possible.

Like New - 'Like New' furniture & appliances are in fantastic condition. They show no signs of wear and tear and could easily pass off as a brand new piece.

Gently Used - The majority of Zefo furniture & appliances are 'Gently Used'. These pieces of second-hand furniture & appliance are in great condition overall, but show minor signs of previous use, for example, scuff marks, scratches or slight stains.

Well Used - 'Well Used' furniture & appliances are items that are still completely functional, but have obvious signs of its previous use. For example, items that have small tears, rips, stains or several scratches are fall into this category

Unboxed - Unboxed items are unused or used very temporarily. These include Factory Seconds, Surplus Stock, Display Products at stores and Returns for other online retailers. These products are in mint condition with extremely minor damages, if any.

All our used furniture & appliances are typically priced anywhere from 20-90% off from their Estimated Original Price currently. The Estimated Original Price is derived by comparing the product with the FULLY DISCOUNTED prices of other similar items being sold online across various retailers. Furniture & appliances on Zefo are at significant discount to other online portals by virtue of being second-hand, and you can expect to save 50% of the money you would have otherwise spent.

In the case of a consignment, we will list the furniture or appliance within 2 business days after pickup. However in the event of a delay we will inform you of the same. As soon as the item goes live, you will be sent a link which you can then share with your friends and family to help augment a speedy and Zero Effort sale.

We're currently only catering to used furniture & appliances. However, we will offer several other second-hand categories in the future so stay tuned!

In the case of a consignment sale, we do offer an estimated time to sale and likely price range in which the furniture & appliance will sell. However, the actual time for sale and price may vary from the estimate. In the event the furniture or appliance does not sell within the set time, we will liquidate the product and offer you the minimum guaranteed price.

We charge a nominal 30% cut off the final sale price.

Zefo will price the piece of furniture & appliance for you. These values are based off of past purchasing trends, inventory data, and furniture & appliance depreciation. It is in our best interest to get you the best possible value for your furniture & appliance and we are committed to improving our data gathering and science to find the optimal price for your furniture or appliance. We may reprice it higher or lower over time as well try to sell the item within a stipulated time.

You can check the current status of any of your submissions by logging into your Zefo account. The status of your furniture & appliance along with images will be displayed in the account page.

Once your furniture or appliance is sold, you will be sent a notification via email and a payout will become available for you. If you have already shared your bank account details, we will issue a transfer within 2 working days. Alternately we will provide a cheque / DD for the requisite amount in your name and courier it to your pick-up address.

In the event the furniture or appliance does not sell within the set time, we will liquidate the item and offer you the minimum guaranteed price.

Our furniture & appliances are typically dispatched within a day of order confirmation. We offer a two-day delivery promise on all our furniture & appliances. In the event of any exigencies, we will proactively communicate with you on the delay and reasons for delay.

Someone from the Zefo team will contact you the evening before the dispatch of your item ensure your ability to receive the product. In the case you require a delayed delivery beyond 2 days, please contact the Zefo team directly to schedule the same.

You have the right to refuse delivery of any furniture or appliance that does not meet your expectations when they arrive to your home. We also provide a hassle-free 3-day return. Contact our support team and we will schedule a pickup from your home at a convenient time at no extra cost.

You have the right to refuse delivery of any furniture or appliance that does not meet your expectations when they arrive to your home. We also provide a hassle-free 3-day return. Contact our support team and we will schedule a pickup from your home at a convenient time at no extra cost.

We allow product cancellations until the time of delivery (after which time it gets counted as a Return). Simply contact us on +91 9036011044, or email us on contact@gozefo.com and inform us of the product you wish to cancel, and we will do the needful. Your fully paid amount will be refunded to you. Zefo does not charge any cancellation fee.